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Discordia Sonata

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In a serene Middlewest setting, a series of peculiar and alarming events unfold, beginning with a seemingly innocuous incident. Michael, a devoted husband, is taken aback when he learns that his wife, Sarah, has sustained a mysterious cut on her hand. The injury, though minor, is peculiarly specific: a clean, slender cut across her palm, apparently acquired during an evening of passionate piano playing. The incident, while concerning, is quickly overshadowed by the routines of daily life, until a parallel occurrence brings a chilling sense of déjà vu. At a bustling company Christmas party, Michael is confronted with a shocking revelation when he notices a bandage snugly wrapped around the hand of his coworker, Linda. As conversations flow and confidences are exchanged, Linda reluctantly discloses that she too has suffered a similar cut, its origin as enigmatic as Sarah’s.

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The discovery takes on an even more ominous tone when, during the same gathering, Sarah learns from her best friend, Emma, that she has also received a parallel injury under mysterious circumstances. The coincidence is too striking to ignore, transforming what was once thought to be isolated accidents into a sinister pattern that hints at a deeper, perhaps malevolent, connection. The shared experiences of the three women ignite a burning curiosity in Michael who resolves to uncover the truth behind their injuries.

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