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The Paradox Entity

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Dr. Elena Mirov and Dr. Alexei Petrov, two of the brightest minds in theoretical physics, have dedicated their lives to solving one of humanity’s greatest puzzles: time travel. Working in a secluded laboratory, their breakthrough discovery seems to promise the power to rewrite history and heal future wounds. However, their triumph is short-lived as their first experiment tears a hole in the fabric of reality, giving birth to a paradox that distorts time and space. As anomalies begin to ravage the present, blurring the line between the past and the future, the scientists must confront the consequences of their actions, realizing too late the true price of their ambition.


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The world outside the lab transforms into a nightmarish landscape where historical and futuristic horrors are spliced together, unleashing chaos upon humanity. Elena and Alexei find themselves not only fighting to contain the paradox they’ve created but also battling the monstrous entities that emerge from the rifts in time. Their journey becomes a race against the clock to restore the natural order of time, facing their own demons and the wrath of a universe torn asunder. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they uncover a web of secrets that challenges the very foundation of their reality, forcing them to question if the key to salvation lies not in mastering time, but in understanding the true nature of the paradox they have unleashed.

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