Celestial Wisdom in the New Mexico Desert

Deep within the arid expanse of the New Mexico desert, where the whispers of the wind and the dance of the stars intertwine, emerges Stellaris Academia—a haven of celestial wisdom crafted by the ancient Anasazi people. Built upon the sacred grounds that resonate with the energy of the cosmos, this fictional university of astrology stands as a testament to the profound connection between earthly existence and the cosmic tapestry that stretches across the night sky.


Lumina Magia: A Tapestry of Mystical Learning in the Cuban Jungle

Nestled deep within the heart of the Cuban jungle, shrouded in an enchanting mist and concealed from the eyes of ordinary mortals, Lumina Magia emerges as a clandestine haven of magical wisdom. Created by the ancient Taíno people, Lumina Magia stands as a testament to their profound connection with the mystical forces that course through the veins of the lush Caribbean landscape.

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